Customs: We assist business with:

  • tariff classification, incl. applications for Binding Tariff Information (BTI)
  • tariff suspensions
  • valuation
  • origin, incl. applications for Binding Origin Information (BOI). 
  • Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certification and assistance with maintenance of on-going AEO compliance criteria.
  • economic procedures (Inward Processing, Outward Processing, Warehousing and End Use).
  • Entry in Declarants' Records (EIDR).
  • centralised clearance
  • simplified procedures
  • accounting segregation
  • import and export controls
  • general duty management and compliance, including advice and assistance in dealing with claims for repayment of duty
  • compliance training
  • audits

Excise: We assist business with:

  • inward and outward duty suspensive movements
  • approvals as registered consignees/temporary registered consignees
  • licensing, including Excise authorisations
  • warehousing
  • product classification
  • reliefs and exemptions from Excise Duty for various approved purposes
  • compliance training
  • audits

Projects: We provide consultancy services for EU Commission and other international supply chain projects.

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